CZ 550 LUX 30-06 SPRG

The CZ 550 line of rifles represent a new diversified line of elegant, aesthetic and ergonomically designed firearms. The rifles are provided with a compact trigger mechanism featuring a single-set trigger firmly connected to the barreled action. The trigger can be used as a single stage trigger, the set-trigger can regulate trigger pull and trigger travel before and after discharge. The set-trigger can be easily dismantled without impairing its functional properties or adjustment of the single stage trigger mechanism. The CZ 550 rifles are provided with a two position noiseless safety which is disengaged in a forward direction as standard. The three – position safety can be supplied on special order (mid-position permits the opening of the bolt but the trigger mechanism remains on safe). Stocks are fitted with sling-swivels as standard, quick release swivels can be fitted on request. The CZ 550 rifles can be supplied with open adjustable sights or without sights accommodated to receive special sights attachments. The CZ 550 rifles with open sights are provided with a bead front sight and rear sight located in such a way as not to interfere with even the biggest rifle scopes.