This expanding copper Bushmaster bullet (VRG3) is designed for all types of bush and thicket hunting that expand on soft tissue as low 1500fps. At the same time it can withstand high velocity impact due to controlled expansion of the mushroom formation. This versatile bullet has devastating terminal performance all with the minimum meat damage. It is able to perform for all types of game shots, for soft tissue as well as thick and hard bone this bullet will not let you down. In the larger calibres 375 and up, it is also excellent for big-game hunting with bolt-action and double barrel-rifles that require a bullet with a soft touch. A pure copper expanding bullet with a short bearing surface, resulting in less barrel stress.  This large meplat design will ensure a straight wound-channel with proper entry/exit holes for proper blood trails.   We understand that whilst hunting big and dangerous game survival often depends on quality equipment – the most critical part being the bullet.